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We are a member of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic (ACR) and the organizer of the race of historic motorcycles and sidecars "CENA MĚSTA JIČÍNA".

Our initial effort is to continue the tradition of organizing motorcycle races in Jičín, which have been ridden in Jičín and its surroundings since 1949. The most famous and at the time very prestigious motoring event was the race organized under the name "CENA PRACHOVSKÝCH SKAL".

Motorcycle races were held regularly in Jičín until 1979 (the car category also participated for several years). In 2013 (although to a much lesser extent than in the days of greatest glory), we managed to resume this motoring event.

We will continue to strive to be able to invite all fans of motorcycle sports to Jičín in 2022 for the next year of motorcycle races "CENA MĚSTA JIČÍNA".

"AMK Český ráj Jičín v  AČR"

"Thank you to all professional and amateur photographers who share with us their photos from the "CENA MĚSTA JIČÍNA" races. During the races in Jičín, there are already thousands of those beautiful photos. It is not possible to thank all of you here who document this Jičín event in written words or photographs. There are only a fraction of the photos you sent us in our website. To supplement, we attach several other links to each photo gallery. Thank you again!" AMK


Only historic racing machines that existed until the end of 1978 and were used for the race in the same year at the latest can take part in motorcycle races. Furthermore, replicas of factory racing machines. Only tested motorcycles can be accepted to participate in the race.

SP 125 / JAWA 50

The CMJ races also include the modern SP 125 and JAWA 50 categories.

Photo: www.motohouse.cz / CMJ 2018

"AMK Český ráj Jičín v AČR"

Tel.: (+420) 603 828 669 (weekdays 8:00–17:00)

E-mail: info@amk-jicin.cz

You can visit us by telephone agrreement on working days 8:00–15:00 at Havlíčkova 22, 506 01, Jičín


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